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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Woven Lines of Life

Strings, an infinite maze of them
Of every color, from darkest black to vibrant yellow
All unique, no two the same
Most run parallel, never touching

Others cross each other just once
Meeting for a moment, then proceeding
Ever on, into unfathomable oblivion

Some come to a convergence
And upon their crossing
Become tangled, intertwined
They spiral together for some time
Suddenly the dance of twine ends
The two lines part, change course
And head in their own direction once more
Never to touch again

Then, there are others
A scarce few, mind you
The two strings that never unravel 
They continue to twist around each other
Becoming ever more tightly bound
An endless dance of infinite beauty
Two lines, forever pirouetting, further into convolution
Then, at a point, the two become one
Separate strings becoming one braid
Never to be unraveled, never to be lost
Eternally spinning together, wrapping tighter, dancing into the future.

Written by my good friend Denny Moody on January 15th, 2009.

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