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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Robbie Kegel

Gato Heroi, Creme, Robin Kegel. This man shapes under many names, has shaped countless number of weird ass boards, and has influenced the longboard world greatly. His shop is located on 1653 Superior Ave. in Costa Mesa. I stopped by a couple times last summer; that guy never stops moving. He is constantly coming up with new radical ideas that change and redefine what it means to surf singlefins. I bought my 9'7 Playdate from Thalia St. Surf shop, and its one of the funkiest, toughest, most fun boards I've ever ridden. Gato Heroi boards are thinner, pointier, and more colorful than most longboards. Al Knost has been riding for them on and off for quite some time now. I purchased a 5'7 Hull called the 1653 from Robbie in his shop last July and it has been the most difficult board to ride. It requires a certain type of wave; Robbie suggested Wedge or macking River Jetties in between Huntington and Newport. I have yet to stop by his shop this year, but it'll be soon. Cant wait to see what he has this time...

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