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Monday, March 23, 2009

Support Your Local Shaper

The art of shaping surfboards has taken a hit by machine made boards. What was once a difficult skill that only few mastered, machines can create boards faster and seemingly stronger for cheaper prices. One California Day, a surf movie made last year, talks about how the art of shaping a surfboard is just that, an art. While many shortboards are shaped by machines, its perfectly fine, because they break easier and are turned over so quickly. Logs, Fish's, Egg's, Hulls, etc on the other hand require a thicker glass job and heavier foam which makes them last longer. Even though the supply of these hand crafted masterpieces has gone down, the demand has stayed the same and in some places, risen. Support for these guys is needed to keep the art of surfing alive. So the next time you're about to buy a log for $400 that was made in china and there are 10 other identical ones, take a step back and look for one that was hand crafted from the scratchy pieces of foam, held together by a beautiful glass job, and maybe if you're lucky, one that has been hand painted by an artist known as: the surfboard shaper.

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