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Friday, December 11, 2009

Matuse Surf School

Never surfed? It’s easy. And even if it isn’t, this suit will keep you warm and toasty no matter how long it takes. Here’s how to get started:

1. While lying flat on the board, paddle for a wave (going with the current). Wait for when you start to feel the momentum of the surfboard flowing faster than your paddling speed.
2. With your hands firmly grasping each rail (that’s the surfboard's outer edges), push up quickly.
3. Extend your arms completely and pull your knees quickly to your chest. Be sure to keep your weight centered with just a little slant forward (leaning back is a natural tendency, but this takes away from your forward momentum).
4. Place your feet firmly on your board, one foot near the tail and one foot just above the midpoint of the board.

Helpful Tip: Don't stand up completely. Keep a low center of gravity by crouching down and focusing your weight on the midpoint of the surfboard.

(Instructions from
(Illustrations by Michael Hoeweler)

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