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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Icon. Innovative. Revolutionary. Visionary.
These are only but a few words that describe the legendary George Greenough; creator of the spoon.
He helped pioneer surfing in the pocket of the wave.
Flex fins, Duckfeet swim fins, Underwater housing. These are several of the tools that he used to perfect his art.
George Greenough was more concerned with riding in the wave, rather than on it.

"I made this six-footer while I was still in high school. I had tried conventional length standup boards, but I hated the way they felt,” explains Greenough, on why he made the switch to shorter boards. “So I built a standard board, only I made it three-and-a-half-foot shorter. It was before I had done any experimenting with high aspect ratio fins. I wish I had ridden this board with a narrow fin, because it probably would have been a ripper.”
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