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Friday, December 18, 2009

Live Action Role Playing

I'm clearing my schedule for this event...
LARPing is the new thing for '10.
Be sure to not miss out.

"The war against Ma’nakhtuf is in its final stages and now is the winter of his discontent. Rumors have spread all throughout Ihkten that the great Necromancer King has bent knee to his aggressors and his armies are in turmoil because of it. Many continue to fight in his name, believing that their King’s mind has been magically altered or that he is in hiding for the moment, biding his time to strike back and a doppelganger has been created to take his place. Because of this –or maybe in spite of this– his great armies of undead and Mamluks, now free from Ma’nakhtuf’s control are scattering in the wind, free to do as they please. While many are shedding the tabard of their former King and settling down, others are becoming a menace upon Ihkten with no force organized well enough to stop them. Throughout all of this, the people are crying for leadership with many whispers and prayers for Ma’nakhtufs safe return to his throne so this chaos can end.

Photo: Dying Kingdoms

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