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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween/ Pickle

Today me and Erica cruised up to surf Cardiff and skim Thalia. We stopped by Thalia St. Surf shop to check out the new boards, we happened to meet Tyler Warren there, who was getting ready for his art show next door. We talked about his One Fin Pin, his art, and logs in general. A really nice guy, although he did have on some make up, which I really hope was from a costume party. Later me, Trevor, and Erica went to the Gato shop in Capo Beach but without any luck. We kinda had the general location, but wandered around some sketchy alley and asked an old guy who was glassing some boards where Gato Heroi was, to which he replied, "Oh, that Robbie Kendal guy?"... needless to say, we couldnt find Robbie and drove back to down to San Diego.

Photo credit: Nolan Hall

Photo credit: Capt. Fin


Worm said...

his shop is next to coconuts

Al Swanson said...

oh hahaha sick thanks