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Friday, July 17, 2009

You Scratched My Anchor

And by the reviews, it looks like everyone is excited...

"al knost what a dork….and the rest suffice the rat….all the ingredients 4 a pathetic flick…"

"I’ll take a stab at explaining it to you Stu. She’s (Kassia Meador) got a (female body part) and can ride a longboard OK, which makes her marketable to the folks at Quiksilver so they can sell more Roxy apparel.

Can someone explain to me the longboard thing?"

"Let’s see some bi guys that probably wear girl pants and paint meaningless shit in their free time and try as hard as humanly possible to be as different as can be because that’s what they think is cool….No Thanks, I wouldnt even steal this movie!!!"

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