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Friday, July 09, 2010

Living just to keep going, going just to keep sane

5 Summer drinks that I have been fixating on for the past couple weeks:
1. Mango Green Tea (Cha For Tea at UCI). A super sweet, but an anytime of day sort of drink.
2. Iced Black Tea (Starbucks). A really good alternative to coffee, with more caffeine.
3. A glass of Dr. Pepper with Ice. (The grocery store). A liter of Dr. Pepper is cheaper than a cup from a fast food place.
4. Peppermint Cappuccino (Self made). If you can get your hands on a Cappuccino maker, you can make some really strong coffee to get you through that sleepy mid morning.
5. Lime Jarritos (Chronic Taco). Perfect with some Mexican food!

And a funny video of a kangaroo beating the poop out of his trainers

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