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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 3rd of July!

This morning Erica, Cole, Trevor, Greg, and I woke up at 3:45 am to hopefully catch the begining of the new South swell coming in at Malibu, to no avail. We got skunked. But we weren't gonna be let down that easily! So, we drove a little farther south to Manhattan Beach where we found a really fun sandbar. Erica is putting together a nice little video that will be up soon!


Hye Tyde said...

Hi I'm John Hintlian, I dig your blog a lot, and I like that Point Concepts nose rider, I've seen it on Ryan's blog as well. So clean!

Ryan makes amazing rides, a friend out here had a hull-ish midlengths shipped out over the winter and loves it, But I d' get something like that white log with the blue stripe. Would you know the dimensions? Is it volan?

I'm on the East Coast in Massachusetts, this is my blog, check it out if/when you get a chance:
We do get waves, some reat ones, but it's JUly know and it will be basically flat until the tropics get active and start producing hurricanes (but those can be lethal, so we're careful what we wish for!).

Anyway just sayin' hey and your blog rocks and makes me homesick for Southern Cal - I lives in Santa Monica for years, and surfed El Porto almost daily. That's where I got exposed to Tyler's boards, and got hooked on the Tyler kool-aid and 27lb. single fins, I'd recommend a 777 to anyone.

Cheers and all the best.


A. Swanson said...

Thanks man! I really appreciate it.
Erica's board is called The Pointer; it's 9'4" long, I think 23" wide and 3" thick. Ryan is updating his website on Monday with that board among his models.
I really like that flower inlay on that Tyler you have on your blog!
I'll try to keep my blog interesting so as to keep folks like you coming back. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

this is why malibu was flat.