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Monday, November 30, 2009

Blog readers

Dear blog readers,
I have been a little subpar with my photo credits,
I will do my best to give credit where credit is deserved.


Anonymous said...

ONE: I think its really funny you have a section labeled "apologies"
for everyone you offend that reads this blog
TWO: I think its funnier that people legitimately get riled up and upset about a blog that they themselves willingly continue to read despite that fact that it offends them. Listen, all im sayin is no one apologizes for looking like a rapist in big black,white, or yellow vans, or for stuffing mounds of ppl in the bakc of these vans that drink HORRIBLE cheap beer ie PBR, No apologizes for having GOD AWFUL tattoos on their thighs and arms of hearts w/ mom in it or anchors unicorns or rockabilly girls w/ huge tits, no one apologizes for surfing baby breaks like the point, despite how amazing tht surf is,like its somewhere super exclusive and local like hawaii and therefore gives them a superiority complex, no one apologizes for making bad music w/ stupid animal names, no one apologizes for copying everyone else w/ the makes and models of their boards, no one apologizes for being great artsits and or surfer and then talking shit on his or her fans because theyre "sooo unoriginal"
THREE: I think it's the funniest that someone will inevitably read this comment and be offended by it....naturally.
THREE POINT FIVE: Isnt it weird how surfing used to be all you needed but now its nessecary to be a great SURFER + artist, photographer, musician etc etc etc.
can we go back to the basics? pleeaaaseeee?

Four: bet u didnt see this coming, refer back to three, cus i dont really wanna hear it.

Anonymous said...

if there was a like button for this comment i would push it.