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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


This afternoon I had a dream. A weird, funny, and just plan weird dream.

I’m at Young Hall and Cody almost gets in a fight with a young beefier freshman

We are looking for my Viper fins

There seems to be a coalmine

And I want to get in it

I need to get some film developed and Mahoney does it

I want to get in the caves in the school so I crawl in this little cave and the guy next to me is taking Polaroids of himself while we are waiting for the group in front of us to leave.

I don’t know what’s in the cave, but I want to find out.

The surf looks good so we all paddle out

There is an over passing sign by the break

But we don’t seem to be waiting for any waves because its right by the shore and this ledge

I start climbing up the over pass sign and wanting to jump off, but Tasha screams no

I jump back in with my life vest and my bike is starting to sink to the bottom

I dive down to get it, the water is pretty clear, the bottom looks sandy with some reef.

We are sitting and all of a sudden a cat shows up the size of a small seal, I pet it, let it bite my hand: bad idea.

I walk away from it but continue to pet this water cat that swam to me.

It hops back in the water swims to Edward and scares him.

The water-seal-cat swims away.

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