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Monday, May 02, 2011

Artist Interview_Maddie Joyce

Maddie Joyce is an extremely talented artist from across the pond over in England. Whether her photography, art, or running the ever popular Magic Bus blog, Maddie excels at all of it… We wanted to find out a little more about her, so we asked her a few questions, enjoy!

Photo: Trevor Gordon

How did you get into sketching/photography?
I've always adored creating, ever since I can remember. I had and still have actually, quite a wild imagination and strong ideas which I'm always trying to put onto paper or put onto film. I think it's awesome how anything in your head can be put onto paper in some way or another, like materialising your ideas, making them real. I enjoy most creative outlets, from writing, playing music (if you can call it that) and cooking. Ooo I love cooking. I make some cracking brownies!

What's your favorite part about shooting photographs/drawing?
My favourite part about it is the ability to make a small and fun idea in your head a reality and to see the evidence of your imagination appear in front of you, like a little snippet of your mind. I like how using film gets you excited, you have to wait for them to be developed before you see the result, you don't know how it'll turn out, whether there will be light leaks or weird effects. It's the surprise and unpredictability I like!

Are you interested in any other mediums of art?
I really enjoy writing, just making little poems and sounds with words, sometimes to match an illustration or an idea. I'll picture something like a wave and imagine all of the sounds under the surface of the water like the popping and fizzing of bubbles and the how the light dances off of them and then put it into words. I also really like the idea of working with fabric. I've used it a bit in the Maps, lines and floral waves project but my sewing isn't that great... or perhaps it's my patience. But it's something I'd really like improve on and use more in my work.

What's the most challenging part of your craft?
The most challenging thing I find is over coming 'the block.' I get blocks a lot, where suddenly every bit of creativity and imagination leaves me. It's so weird, I feel like a different person, and I wonder how I ever came up with ideas at all. I also begin to question my future in art and kind of panic whether I'll ever have an idea again! But I know it's a just a phase. They last about a week or two them bam, I'm back on track again. The best thing I find is not to force anything as it only frustrates me more.

What's the story behind The Magic Bus?
Oo the bus of magic. I had this idea to create a virtual bus, a huge community of artistic, ocean worshipers who travel around the world on a bus sharing their creations and adventures with each other. We would stop off at incredible places and just all hang out. I kind of wanted to create a global community of like-minded surfers, artists and travelers, a place to share the love! But until I have a bus (which will run on coconut milk) we have the blog!

What inspired you to start up The Magic Bus?
I watched some Woodstock footage once and there's this clip of an epic bus full of hippies, bearded creatures and naked people! It looked so awesome. So I think that partially inspired me!

Who/what influences you?
The things I see on my wanderings influence me a lot and particularly the people I meet. I've met some incredible and talented people through The Magic Bus who never stop being magic. There is so much creation around.
Wild landscaped influence my drawings a lot, like camping in forests and bonfires on beaches. I like to loose myself in art and just be in the idea for a while eating a mango and barbequing some fish.

What's next for Maddie Joyce?
I plan to study again from the Summer which I'm super excited about. I can't wait to expand on my ideas and learn some new skills. I'd like to collaborate with some artists and sink my teeth into some new projects and maybe work on some new stop-motion movies!

You can check out more of Maddie’s incredible work at:

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