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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artist Interview_Madison Dyer

Madison is a super mellow guy who all of us here at Point Loma are lucky to go to school with. He’s a rad surfer (he rides for Insight and Sabre… no big deal) and film extraordinaire. His latest film, Rip Shred Tear, was huge success and is a great showcase of some of Madison’s many talents…

How did you get into filming and editing?

-I got into filming and editing mostly through surfing and skating. I always liked watching skate videos and seeing [those who filmed] with their camera gear in some of the wider shots. A few of the guys I skated with in middle school had nicer video cameras and did some editing. Also, whenever we went on vacation my Dad would bring along a video camera. In high school I started using my school's Final Cut Studio and began making some surf videos and short films. After that I was hooked.

What keeps you motivated?

- What keeps me motivated the most is watching other people's work. Whether it's new stuff on blogs, old surf movies, or feature length films I really love trying to watch the content from the perspective of the filmmaker and try to understand the his or her process.

What do you enjoy most about surfing?

- What I enjoy most about surfing is going out and having fun. I enjoy riding all kinds of boards and trying to have as much fun as I can with what the conditions are. If surfing isn't fun, then you should quit.

Photo: Erica Burtrum

What other kind of film projects are you interested in working on besides surfing?

- I am currently working on a short film and a few promo videos. I like doing work outside of surfing stuff because you can always get a fresh perspective. Short films, commercials, and music videos are really fun ways to get a message across quickly and creatively and I find myself leaning more in that direction.

What is the hardest part about what you do?

- There really isn't too much that is hard most of the time. Sometimes working with people who don't understand the process can be a little difficult because they think you can fix everything on a computer. Working around good people and having good planning makes things a lot more fun.

Photo: Pret Dyer

How does shooting video influence your daily life?

- I try to let it influence my daily life as much as possible so I can always continue learning. Having new projects on the horizon while working on current ones keeps a camera in my hand and hopefully some creative ideas in my head.

What's next for Madison Dyer?

- With the summer right around the corner I'm stoked to shoot some more shred before I head to LA in the fall for a semester of film studies school. After that I have no idea what is headed my way but I'm hoping it will involve cameras, adventure, and fun.

You can check out more of Madison’s work on either of these two sites:



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