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Monday, March 21, 2011

Point Loma > Westmont v.2

Reason's numbers one through three:
#1 and #2: We can walk from class/dorm rooms to surf... as exemplified by Christina and Trevor
#3: We get snow... in sunny(ish) San Diego.
Bring it Greg and friends...
p.s. have fun in Barcelona Christina!


Greg Swanson said...

1. thank you for linking me and Benjamin
2. We got snow before you guys (you even had proof of it)
3. While we can't walk to the surf, with a little bit of driving (20 minutes) have the queen of the coast as our playground. Or, if the swell is right, less than a 10 minute drive away, we have sandspit (no need for explanation).

Those two spots definitely make up for the little bit of work getting down there.

A. Swanson said...

FALSE. Greg i've heard you on more than one occasion say the rincon is not that special and that you'd rather surf blackies...
p.s. mom likes me better

Trevor said...

^ like.

Greg Swanson said...

FALSE. My opinion has changed. Also, because surfing blackies the majority of my senior year, I did get some amazing swells that were also uncrowded (homeschooling has many benefits).
p.s. when Cody's not around, Johnnie likes me better and he's a hundred times cute.

^ like.

Anonymous said...

Point Loma>Westmont
10,000 dollars less expensive for a better education/experience :)

Nina said...
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Anonymous said...

oops i by accident commented but it was automatically logged into nina´s account. im so bummed i missed out on the snow!!!! that is so crazy!!! (from christina)