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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Searching. Watching. Waiting.
We all feel the same emotions sitting in the water, driving from spot to spot.
We're all looking for that one wave that brings us back the same emotions that the first wave we ever caught gave us.
The utter joy that we had standing up and feeling like we're floating. Like nothing else matters.
The effervescent feeling that surfing brings us, the pure joy, is something no thing, or no one can bring you other than yourself.
Sure, you can buy some great surfing products, go to the "perfect" surf destinations...
But only you can bring that happiness upon yourself.
From ankle high, to overhead waves, whatever it is, make it count.
Enjoy wherever you end up paddling out, take a deep breath and just take in the beautiful environment that you ended up in at that point in time...

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