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Sunday, June 06, 2010

30 minute break

Erica and I stopped by this quick little reef break by Ginas on the way back from Doheny on Sunday. It turned out to be really fun! Except for the thousands of people in the shoreline, I think I nearly ran over 15 children, Erica documented the occasion with some expired Fuji film.


Anonymous said...

sometimes i look at this blog and think its really cool, but for about the last month everything on here has been so bland, its just lackluster lately. Do you think you could put up some shots of the fashion side of surf, and some bands, I am also really into the paddle boarding/SUP side of things, that is so interesting to me. its really hard for me to get into this stuff when you dont include every aspect of surfing, I just dont think theres enought thought behind this whole project, or whatever it is youre trying to do here....sorry. try harder without looking like youre trying. Thanks for the great photos, youre awesome!
see you in the water!

A. Swanson said...

Yeah my paddleboard fin box broke a little while back, but I'll work to get back on that and hte other stuff hahaha thanks for your input, sorry I've been subpar. I promise to get back on track, no more lackluster posts!

Anonymous said...


Jeff A. said...

"try harder without looking like you're trying" -anonymous.??? dude come on...even if there is a particular aim tenpiggiesover is going for, im sure it doesn't completely consist of reaching the approval of every viewer...go ask someone else to make a blog that fits your needs.

Jeff A. said...

my opinion, not tenpiggiesover my bad if this is a bit much