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Monday, March 01, 2010

Creative Casualties

My friends Michael and Chadwick over at Creative Casualties did a little feature on some of my photographs. They have a pretty sweet thing going on over there, you should go check them out!

1. Ninja Shoes. Whether you’re a true black belt or not is irrelevant, these bad boys fit like heaven. You can sneak around like nobodies business and get away with anything. Ever wanted to be invisible? These slip-ons make it practical. They’re also a great alternative if you like TOMS but don’t like the “I-support-every-non-profit-and-charitable-organization” look.

2. Altoids. The classic red and white tin can always comes in handy for a goodnight kiss. Whether you’re trying to cover up that garlic bread you had earlier in the night, or the smell of smoke these are key players in the game of life. If you don’t like the bulky box, they make smaller thinner versions for the man on the go.

3. Mugs. Big mugs, small mugs, phallic mugs, photo mugs. Any mug is a good mug. Unless you can find one that can turn on your TV or flush your toilet, they all function the same. My personal favorite includes “world’s best grandma” and the classic asian baby on the side.

4. La Blogotheque Take Away Shows. For underneath new and old under the sun, the blogotheque is a great source for music reviews, videos and updates. Their famous take away shows captivate surprised bystanders. Make sure to check it out.

5. Jason Schwartzman. Everything this man touches is gold. Music, acting, he’s all over the map. He’s put out some records under Coconut Records and they are amazing. He’s one of the many poster children for Wes Anderson films and can be found in HBO’s series “Bored To Death.”

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