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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rincon trip part 2

This morning, Trevor, Greg, and I embarked on what would end up being a 12 hour, 330 mile journey roundtrip up the coast to beautiful Santa Barbara to surf Rincon. We loaded up and left at 6 am from Newport, drove about 2 1/2 hours before arriving at the parking lot, only to find out that we lost a screw for Gregs fin. After going to a surf shop to get a new screw, we got in the water at around 9:30; the peak of a super high tide. After 30 min or so, the point started cranking out some incredible surf. The photos that I got were after 3 hours of surfing, Greg and Trevor were killing it out there. After surfing we ate some pizza at Rusty's Pizza Parlor, got some ice cream, walked around Downtown, and drove back down to Newport at 3:30 pm. Here are some of the photos from the trip...

Me and Trevor driving

Trevor making sure it was worth the drive

Trevor and Greg suiting up

Trevor displacing some water

Greg tucking in

Greg drawing a nice line off the top on his 5'6 Kookumber

Greg hacking away

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Anonymous said...

greg kills it.