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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Everyone's a hater

Talk about a reliable source, I spoke with Robbie the other day and he said all of this stuff is BS. He's enjoying the free publicity, though. Anyway, Creme still is. There was another company (skateboard co.) in Europe called Creme. They asked Robbie (no legal sh!t involved) if he could change his name by 2007. The new company name is Gato. However, the Creme logo will still be on all the boards and team wetuists etc. Incase anyone cares. 

*Excerpt from a forum about Creme...*

"carpenteria=alex knost

alex, u go fuk robbies big butthole, and have emo fag fashion shows, and take new myspace pictures of each others.

u r a joke and so is creme-urself surfbords.

peddling crap boards to mindless OC posers and calling urselfs "artist".

i think theres to much spermazoa clogging your brain these days.


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