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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In The Stillness of The Water

Life is beautiful
It gives and we take
It takes and we break
But the time, it mends 
And all’s well if that’s how it ends
Even when above a storm lingers
And pain scratches with outstretched fingers
We can find solace in the rain

As the drops fall and land
And pools form in my cupped hands
I dive into the blue
Where worldly perspective is askew
Above the surface it’s still spinning
But below my mind is winning
The battle between future and past
I’m in love with the present at last

The longer I’m under 
The less I hear the thunder
Screaming from the streaks above
As the storm still rages on 
And Zeus’s bolts sing their song
Below, all is still
Like cities perched on hills
Higher than the hail and rain
Near the sun, far from pain
Where, at night, the stars align
And in the lights you see the divine

Finally, the sky goes from black to blue
And shafts of sun pierce through
The surface turns to glass
The battle’s won, the storm is passed
Slowly, to the top, I float
While Apollo, in his victory, gloats
I step from the pool with life anew
The earth once more fresh with creation’s dew
I know that storms will come again
But all’s well if that’s how it ends

-Denny Moody
Written 4/9/09

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